Frequently asked Questions?

Q: How do I CLEAN MY WINDOWS AFTER they have been TINTED?

A: After your window film installation, wait at least one week before cleaning the inside of the window. We recommend using a clean damp microfiber cloth with a little bit of plain water. Never use ammonia based window cleaners such as Windex as these can damage the scratch resistant coating and is not covered under warranty if used.

Q: DOES BLOCKING UV RAYS Stop my floors or furnishings from fading?

A: Window films can slow down the process of fading but they cannot stop it completely. The majority of our films will stop 99% of UV rays penetrating into your home but this is not the only factor that causes your floors and furnishings to fade. Ultraviolet lights is one of the main cause of fading as this spectrum of light has a greater tendency to break down the molecular bonds and pigments in colours. The two other major causes of fading are heat and visible light. A darker film, which shields against a larger spectrum of visible light and in turn reduces indoor temperatures, will therefore be more effective at reducing fading compared to a more transparent film primarily designed to block UV light.


 A: Yes. Window film is very effective at providing daytime privacy while preserving your view to the outside. When a window film is applied to a window it reduces the light entering the room making the inside darker than the outside. This makes is hard to see in as the daylight is reflecting back off the window. At nighttime however, there is no light outside the window so when a light is turned on inside this makes is very easy to see inside. For privacy at night your best option is to close your curtains of blinds.

Q: CAN you tint my car in a car park or in my driveway?

A: Tinting a vehicle requires a clean environment without wind. Even a slight breeze can make the job difficult. We provide a mobile only service, therefore the vehicle will need to be in an enclosed area while we are working on it. eg. double garage, workshop etc. We also require 240v power to complete the job.

Q: What is the darkest legal tint in wa?

 A: In Western Australia the legal limit is 35% VLT on the front drivers and passenger’s windows and as dark as 20% VLT on everything else behind the front two.
Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the measure of the amount of light that passed through a window. 35% VLT means 35% of the available light passes through both the window and the tint together, and the rest of the light is blocked. WA Transport Tinting Guidelines


A: No. However the window film will hold the glass together upon impact, preventing shards of glass potentially flying into eyes or unwanted places. Child care centres and home day care operaters are required by law to have ‘safety film’ applied to all windows within the facility. Precision Window Tinting can provide free no obligation quotes for safety film upon request.


 A: There are many benefits to window tinting including saftey UV protection, increased safety, heat reduction, energy savings plus much much more. Check out our blog post for more information. 7 benefits of window tinting for Perth homes

Q: I have just had my windows tinted and i can see water bubbles between the glass and film, is this normal?

 A: The installation process requires the film to be applied with water. Most of this water is pushed out or removed but there will be some remaining water. As the film dries this water will pull together to form tiny water bubbles before it dries out. The film is porous and the water will dry through the film. Please do not touch the windows or try to push any remaining water out as this may damage the film. The total curing time is between 1-3 weeks dependent on the weather.
WFAANZ Drying Time Fact Sheet

Q: Can window film be patched or repaired if scratched or damaged?

A: Unfortunately not. However the film can be easily removed and new piece can be applied.

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