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window tinting perth

window tinting

commercial window tinting perth


Commercial window tinting Perth is an affordable and effective way to create a pleasant office window interior, provide necessary privacy, protect your staff and customers from harmful UV rays of the sun, keep unwanted glare off computer screens and prolong the lifespan of your furniture by preventing fading caused by the sun.

Every commercial businesses would benefit from applying a tinted film on the window of their office, although some businesses might benefit more than others – depending on the nature of their business and customers. However, applying the window tinting film for your business or building would help greatly in regulating the ambient temperature of your property’s sunny spots. The space and office of your building will always keep their freshness in hot weather.

We can also supply and install frosted or opaque window films that are ideal for boardrooms and complete privacy in office while adding style and aesthetics to your business.

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  • Long-term energy savings
  • Reject up to 84% of the heat
  • Provides excellent daytime privacy
  • Protects your furniture and floors from fading