Car Window Tinting vs Factory Tint

Car Window Tinting Perth

Many vehicles come with ‘factory tinted’ windows, which should more accurately be called ‘factory installed privacy glass’, because that’s what a so-called factory tint is, it’s something that increases privacy. It is not really a tint in the commonly understood sense of the word when it’s used with windows, because it doesn’t significantly reduce the amount of heat entering your car and it doesn’t protect you from UV exposure.

This lack of heat and UV protection is very important to understand, especially if you drive a commercial vehicle for a living, or a parent driving around with a young child or a baby with soft, sensitive, non-sun conditioned skin. Commercial drivers and babies are the people most at risk from UV exposure in vehicles.

So what’s the difference between factory tint and an after sales tint? In a factory tint the inside of the glass is dyed with a special pigment in an electrical process known as ‘deep dipping’. Deep dipping increases privacy for the driver and in Australia it is only legally allowed in the passenger windows and the back windscreen, the driver and front passenger windows, and the front window screen are always clear (with the exception of a small strip at the top of the windscreen).

As far as aesthetics are concerned, this ‘tint’ makes your windows look darker, which genuinely does look good! But that’s the total benefit, looking good! Don’t be fooled into thinking that this shading will significantly reduce heat in the car, or UV rays, because it won’t, and the misguided assumption that it will can be very dangerous because the potential harm that can be caused by overexposure to UV light cannot be overstated. The most common effects of prolonged exposure to UV light include accelerated aging of your skin (the formation of wrinkles) and a significantly increased chance of contracting skin cancer.

Melanoma, which is the deadliest form of skin cancer, results from extreme sunburns due to overexposure to UV light and you can be exposed to a lot of UV light when you are driving around in a car that doesn’t have proper UV protection (this is so important to be aware of if you have a baby on board). Aftermarket window film tint is designed to block over 99% of all the UV that hits your car windows, including harmful UVA rays which factory tint will not block. Putting aftermarket tint on all your car windows is the only way to protect yourself and all the occupants of your car from overexposure to UV light, which is extremely important to do in the harsh western Australian sun.

Although factory tinted windows will reduce the amount of heat that enters a car, aftermarket window films make use of advanced technologies to drastically cut down on the heat that gets into your car. Aftermarket window films of different qualities and shades offer different levels of heat rejection. At Precision Window Tinting, our lowest after market vehicle tint blocks 62% of heat from your car, which makes a massive difference to driver and passenger comfort in your vehicle. It will also do the same if you are considering Home Window Tinting.

What to Do if You Have Factory Tint

If you already have a factory tint on your windows Precision Window Tinting can install specialist film that blocks UV light and increases heat rejection without making the windows much darker than they already are. Even better, we can use light meters to calculate what grade of film you need to attain the darkest legal tint, and therefore provide maximum protection from heat and UV, without  inadvertently taking your car beyond the darkest legal tint (read this article to find out everything you need to know about darkest legal tint). Great quality aftermarket tint doesn’t have to be excessively dark. You can choose whichever shade of tint you want and still enjoy protection from UV and excessive heat.

If you are looking to tint your car windows in Perth, Precision Window Tinting is easily your best choice aftermarket window tinter. We install the highest quality films at value for money prices, and we measure and fit film with the precision of craftsmen. We will outfit your car or home with aftermarket tint that guarantees real UV protection, and heat rejection. And in the case of car window tinting, we will also ensure that your tint shade doesn’t go over the legal limit. Call us if you want a cool car or home that is protected from UV exposure and excess heat.

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